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Reuven Gradon is president of Afton Properties, which is a vertically-integrated real estate investment and management company. Its focus upon, and expertise across, the greater Los Angeles multifamily market has allowed it to successfully build a large portfolio in the region. Afton’s hands-on ownership and management has enabled it to both

  • Transform mismanaged and under performing properties into stable and cash flowing assets
  • Enhance and maintain stabilized assets over the long term.

Afton’s highest priority is ensuring that tenants enjoy a healthy and safe environment. Its long-term vision is to maintain assets to the highest standard possible and ensure that tenants feel a pride of residency.


are at the center of Afton’s philosophy. Excellent customer service and communication make up the foundation that forms lasting and trustworthy relationships with tenants and vendors, and Afton has developed deep-rooted
relationships over the years in markets in which the company operates.

Afton’s current portfolio includes over 3,000 units and 50 properties in the greater Los Angeles area.

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